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Search Committee to Find a New Minister

Contact for the Search Committee = [email protected]



(from Carlisle United Church Newsletter, Winter 2017)

Exciting News

At a joint congregational meeting on October 22, 2017, we unanimously approved a motion to hire and welcome Gavin Williams as our new minister, commencing February 1, 2018.

Gavin is currently ministering at Moorefield and West Montrose United Church pastoral charge, with preaching experience since 2007.

The committee sees Gavin as an ideal fit for our congregation, as he reflects many of the characteristics that you, the congregation, identified in the surveys completed so long ago.

As part of our commitment to Gavin, we are helping him continue his pastoral educational journey to ordination. He has committed to continue his work with us beyond his ordination

Exciting times ahead!

At the Congregation meeting, the Search Committee shared their excitement by reflecting just a few of Gavin’s strengths:

a)    Bob Moulder emphasized Gavin's enthusiasm and the deep commitment he displayed to those in his pastoral care.

b)    Nan Dodman spoke about her visit to one of Ga

vin's churches in August. She was greeted with a very warm welcome and found the service to be "delightful, inspiring and thought-provoking".

c)    Nan also read comments from Mary Gilbert, who was unable to attend the meeting. Mary described her visit to see Gavin at one of his churches in one word, “excitement!” Mary was "totally engaged" and found the service to be "inspiring, Christ-centred, and it reflected a biblical message using current ideas (a story) that made intergenerational connections". She felt Gavin “spoke from the heart, was genuine, and empowered all ages”.

d)    Sharon Banks' reaction to Gavin was, "We have found our Shepherd". She shared that, at his second interview which took place at Kilbride, Gavin wanted to see the church. When he entered the sanctuary, his reaction was, "The Holy Spirit is alive and well and living in this space. Amen."

The Carlisle/Kilbride pastoral charge is in the process of becoming a learning site. As part of this commitment, a Lay Supervision Team has been established to support Gavin. Anyone who has interest in participating or feels they have related expertise and wishes to be part of this committee, please advise the Church office. 

Gavin is sponsored by Mount Forest United Church, is licensed to perform all the sacraments and weddings. He has a Bachelor’s Degree (English Major) 2002 and h

as studied at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto.

We, the Search Committee, are continuing our work with Presbytery to have all necessary approvals in place for Gavin to join us on February 1, 2018.

The Carlisle/Kilbride Joint Search Committee, consisting of Andrea McRae, Sharon Banks, Nan Dodman, Bob Moulder, Heather Olaveson, Janet Heeley, Mary Gilbert, Maureen Trenkler, John Anderson and Rev. Dr. Michael Brooks, would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our congregation, for your trust, your prayers, and your patience in the process of searching for a new minister. Thank you everyone.

Prayers and Blessings

Mary Gilbert, Search Committee Co-chair


Carlisle/Kilbride ON (,

Carlisle/Kilbride United two-point pastoral charge provides spiritual sustenance to two communities on the Niagara Escarpment north of Hamilton and Burlington. We are a community of worship rich in traditions and growth opportunities, and are currently looking to welcome a new Order of Ministry personnel.

We are seeking to form a partnership with a minister who has a strong background in traditional Bible-based theology but is also willing to explore a variety of worship formats, including multimedia. We are also looking for an effective leader to help us achieve and sustain growth. Our goal is to welcome a minister with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to empower, motivate, and inspire. We value the skill to reconcile varying points of view, the capacity to meet intergenerational needs, the ability to form strong community partnerships, and a sense of humour.

If God is calling you to us, please send a resume/CV and a one-page statement of your spiritual philosophy on today's role of the church and its minister to [email protected].


February 8, 2017 ~ OUR WORK HAS BEGUN!  

Your Search team has had their first meeting to begin the process of calling a Minister to the Carlisle/Kilbride Pastoral charge. Your committee members are Presbytery representatives Rev. Michael Brooks and John Anderson; Maureen Trenkler and Sharon Banks from Kilbride; and Nan Dodman, Heather Olaveson, Bob Moulder, Mary Gilbert, Janet Witty-Heeley and Andrea McRae from Carlisle.  We ask for your prayers for this team as they begin this journey together. 

Although much of the work of the committee is confidential, we will regularly share non-confidential progress updates through congregational bulletins and newsletter communications and on this webpage.



Halton Presbytery has accepted the Carlisle/Kilbride Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC) report, and declared a vacancy for a full time order of ministry starting September 1, 2017 or as a suitable candidate is called.



The congregations of Carlisle United Church and Kilbride United Church approved the draft report summary at a congregational meeting following worship service. They thanked the JNA Committee for their hard work in creating the Joint Needs Assessment Report.



The JNAC group would like to thank all those who participated in the recent survey. Valuable information was collected and is presently being used to complete the needs assessment report.
Click on following link for a copy of an analysis of the survey results.



The online Needs Assessment Survey was closed, paper, phone and email surveys collected, and the work of summarizing the congregations`input and creating the Joint Needs Assessment Report began. We are grateful for the diligent efforts of the JNA Committee in gathering input from congregants and church adherents, community members, neighbours and local businesses, to ensure as complete and inclusive representation as possible in the expression of our needs and hopes for the new minister candidate.



The Joint Needs Assessment Committee spearheaded a broad-ranging and thorough campaign to gather input on what we need and want in a new minister. The campaign included an online survey, a paper survey, a Town Hall meeting open to all members of the local community, as well as dedicated times during worship service to discuss the information gathering process. Options such as email and phone conversations were offered as well, to ensure that the opinions of everyone were heard and recorded. We are so grateful for the hard work of the JNAC in gathering and summarizing our voices.



After bidding farewell to our dear minister, Rev. Diane Blanchard, after 14 years of faithful service, Carlisle and Kilbride United Churches must begin the task of seeking a new spiritual leader. A Joint Needs Assessment Committee has been struck. The role of the JNAC is to create a document to be used in the search for new Pastoral Leadership at the Carlisle/Kilbride pastoral charge. This document is the first contact with our pastoral charge and should accurately reflect and describe our churches and outline what characteristics and skills we would like a prospective ministerial candidate to possess. The goal is to have a new minister, who best serves the needs of our congregations, in place by September 2017.


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