Pray - Love - Serve

We are a people who seek to experience and honour God in our lives. Prayer is a pathway to a relationship with God that takes many forms. As we open ourselves to God in prayer, God touches our lives and, through us, may also touch others. We are all learners. You are welcome to join us in learning to pray and in practicing prayer.

We are a people called by Jesus to love one another and this world. In relationships of respect where each person is welcomed, we witness to the love that Jesus has for all people. This community of faith seeks to include all ages and provide an extended family of faith. We also seek to do as Jesus asks and love our neighbour as ourselves. So we ask the question, who is our neighbour?

We are a people who express our love of God and our call to follow Jesus in serving and blessing the world around us. We want to make the world a better place as we share God’s love with others. From hospitality to the Food Bank, the Ontario Early Years children and parents, and the Scouting and Guiding groups to reaching out to the offshore farm workers and nannies in the community, we seek to serve our neighbours and the world in Jesus’ name.

Join us. Learn with us. Grow in faith and love with us. And bless this world with us.

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