Family Group Task Descriptions

Welcomer for Sunday Morning

One or two persons are needed. If two people, one could arrive early to begin and the other could stay later to close up. Most Sundays, Rev. Diane will arrive by 9 a.m. and will unlock the side door and leave it open for you.

Arrive at 10:30

  • Turn on the lights in the sanctuary and unlock the side door
  • Locate the bulletins at the back of the sanctuary
  • Welcome those who are arriving early for choir rehearsal or to help with coffee making or ushering and invite them to pray with you in the sanctuary for the worship service and those taking leadership (about 10:40)
  • Take note of people who are attending for the first time and welcome them. Ask if they would give you their names and contact information so the church can be in touch. Please invite them to stay for the coffee hour and offer to take them there after worship
  • Help give out bulletins in the sanctuary if needed
  • Ensure that hearing assist headsets are offered to people. They are located in the choir loft windowsill

Following the fellowship time:

  • Lock the outside doors
  • Walk around the church and turn off all lights, including those in the washrooms

Greeters and Ushers

Two are needed (family groups may greet together)

Arrive by 10:40

Participate in the prayer time in the sanctuary, led by the welcomer at 10:40

Please wear a name tag (there are disposable name tags at the back of the sanctuary)

One greeter (or more) will stand at the glass door entrance. One greeter (or more) will stand at the front doors

  • Welcome children and tell parents about the nursery care provided in the Christian Education room and about Sunday School which begins part way through worship. Children are welcome to participate in the nursery or Sunday school and they are welcome to stay in worship if they prefer to do that.
  • Welcome visitors and invite them to refreshment time following the service. Help them find their way to the sanctuary by going through the Gathering Room and/or upstairs
  • Give people a bulletin (these can be found at the back of the sanctuary)
  • Greeters at the side door should respond if someone needs to use the lift. The key is kept in the photocopy room, upstairs, in the secretary’s mailbox.
  • One person can come forward during the opening hymn to light the Christ candle. There is a brass lighter on the wall at the back of the sanctuary. There are matches near the candle in case the flame goes out too soon
  • The candle is extinguished during the singing of the last hymn
  • Take up the offering during worship and bring it forward as the offertory is sung. There is often a special piece of music being played during the offering. If you are finished receiving offerings, stand at the back of the aisle and come forward when the musician starts to play the Offertory and the people stand to sing. Wait for the minister to pray a short prayer of dedication and then return to your seats.
  • Pick up bulletins and tidy the sanctuary following worship


One person will operate the laptop and projector

Arrive at 10:45 to review the service and begin with any announcements at 10:50

  • Open Easy worship and find the file for the Sunday.
  • Display the hymns and prayers that are indicated in the bulletin which will be left with the laptop.
  • Ensure that the laptop is turned off and power button is turned off when the service ends

Scripture Reader

One person (normally) will read the lessons for the day. When you sign up for this role, the minister will call you during the week and let you know the Scripture passages so you can read them

You may find it meaningful to read the passages prayerfully each day prior to Sunday as a spiritual practice

Minute for Mission

One person will read the story for the week or you could consider using a dvd clip.

On communion Sundays or when the service is very full, the Minute for Mission may be omitted

Prepare Communion

  • Buy a small loaf of bread for the table and cut another larger loaf into good-sized pieces for the baskets. Rice cake is added to each basket for anyone who is gluten intolerant
  • If there is grape juice in the frig, you are welcome to use it in the pitcher; otherwise, please buy a new bottle of grape juice. Please fill a small individual communion glass with water also
  • Communion ware is stored within the large communion table; please wash it and return it after worship
  • There is a special cloth for the large table when it is used and a plastic table protector
  • The finished table should have a small loaf of bread on a tray and a pitcher of juice, two baskets of bread, covered, two goblets for juice, a small individual communion cup of water.

Communion Servers

Normally three people are needed for communion on the first Sunday of the month. Occasionally this changes – we have communion on Easter Sunday, for instance and twice on Christmas Eve.

  • Come forward to the communion table after the minister has broken the bread, poured the wine and called people to share. There will be two baskets of bread and two cups of grape juice.
  • We practice intinction – each person takes bread, dips it in the cup and eats it.
  • The choir is served first and then the congregation comes forward and forms a semi-circle at the front. Those people receive communion together, return to their seats and a new group forms at the front.

Coffee/Tea/Juice after Church

Normally two people

Arrive about 10:30

  • Join the Welcomer in the sanctuary at 10:40 to pray for the service
  • Instructions for making coffee are on the cupboard door near the sinks and a booklet of detailed instructions will be with the coffee hour supplies
  • Coffee, tea, cold drink mix and sugar are stored in a plastic box below the counter to the right of the dishwasher
  • Please make sure there is milk or light cream for the Sunday
  • Mix up juice
  • Let the church office know if any supplies are running low
  • Put out coffee cups and glasses for juice, sugar bowls and prepare creamers to fill
  • Put water in tea kettle for tea; be prepared to leave worship in the final hymn to make tea, etc.
  • Clean up and do the dishes in the dishwasher. It helps to turn the dishwasher on as the coffee hour begins so it can warm up.
  • Dishes should be air-dried rather than dried with a dish towel.
  • When washing is complete, turn the switch at the bottom of the dishwasher to ‘drain/off’ and push the handle down so the machine is emptied. Please leave the door open to dry

Supply Cookies or a Treat for Fellowship Time

Purchased cookies/snacks are fine. For a special time of year, something special could be made. Please bring the treat to church on Sunday morning

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