We affirm that marriage is a gift of God, through which Christians make a covenant with one another and with God.

We affirm the value of marriage. We affirm that the Church must work both to redeem and to care for the institution and to support those entering into a covenant relationship with each other.

All couples who can be legally married are welcome, whether from within or beyond our Church community, to be wed at Carlisle United Church. Marriages are celebrated in the context of Christian community and Christian worship. Interfaith celebrations are a possibility requiring careful consideration.

The staff at Carlisle United Church are here to help you as much as possible. Our Church Administrator, Janet Witty-Heeley, can be reached Tuesday – Thursday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm to book a wedding date, at 905-689-8630 or [email protected].

Interviews and Courses

To prepare for your marriage, you will be invited to meet with the Officiating Minister and attend Marriage Preparation courses with the Minister or an approved alternative.

The Wedding Service

You will be invited to arrange the service in conjunction with your Officiating Minister. Carlisle’s Minister will participate in the wedding.


The Music Director should be contacted to confirm the date and arrangements as soon as possible. All music in connection with a wedding must be appropriate to a Christian service of worship and the Music Director has right of first refusal regarding all music accompanying services at Carlisle United Church. The Music Director’s approval should be obtained for use of the church organ or piano. The honorarium to the organist is mandatory, whether or not the Music Director provides the music for your wedding service.

Marriage License

You must have a marriage license in order to get married. You can obtain a marriage license from any Town or City Hall in Ontario. Please deliver your marriage license to the Church at least two weeks before the wedding service.


The sanctuary at Carlisle United Church seats up to 250 people.

Interior Wedding Photo (courtesy of Janet Witty-Heeley)


1. Fee for Church Use – Cheques made payable to Carlisle United Church

  • Facility rental - $200.00
  • Off-site locations - $100.00

2. Ministerial Honorarium – Cheques made payable to Rev. Diane Blanchard

  • Officiating Minister - $250.00
  • Associate Minister - $250.00

3. Organist Honorarium – Cheques made payable to Heather Olaveson - $125.00

4. Fee for Custodial Services – Cheques made payable to Jane King - $50.00

5. Optional $25.00 for use of the secretarial services if a wedding bulletin is requested – Cheques made payable to Janet Witty.

* Please Deliver Cheques or Cash for all Fees to the Church Office Three Days Before the Wedding Service.


Wedding rehearsals are conducted by the Officiating Minister. Please encourage all participants in the service to attend (all members of the wedding party, parents, readers, etc.)

Other Information

1. The Church will be opened one hour prior to the wedding service. If florists need to deliver earlier, please ask them to contact the Church Office (905-689-8630 or [email protected]).

2. Please do not use tape on any wood finish. You are welcome to tie bows onto pews.

3. Flash pictures are permitted during the processional, signing and recessional. Please ask your guests to refrain from flash photography during the service. You may appoint one person to take pictures without a flash from the back or balcony, and you are welcome to use the sanctuary after the wedding for pictures.

4. Please ensure that there is no use of rice or confetti inside the church building. Your guests are welcome to celebrate with bird seed, rose petals, bubbles or rice outside the building following the service.

For any other information or questions, please contact Rev. Diane Blanchard ([email protected]) or the Church Office (905-689-8630 or [email protected]).

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