Messy Church

(An Alternative Family-style Church)

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In the UK several years ago, Christians noticed that church attendance had become very low and there were generations of people with little experience of a vibrant Christian faith. It was time to listen to people outside the church and to take the risk of trying new things. One of the experiments that is effectively reaching people new to faith is called Messy Church. Families are invited and welcomed to an inter-generational experience of meeting Christ through biblical stories with crafts and activities that help bring the story alive for children and adults. There is a time of celebration, where families worship together, and then everyone enjoys a meal together.

Messy Church is one way that families who are unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable with our typical Sunday morning worship can be invited into learning about faith and, we hope, growing as disciples of Jesus, in an environment that encourages learning for children and adults together. We hope that everyone will talk about Messy Church to families in our community, especially if they do not already attend a church.

This year we plan to offer Messy Church experiences monthly.


Families are welcome to come when they can within the time. 

If you would enjoy being part of the core planning team, please speak to Janet in the Church office. Others are most welcome to volunteer the day of Messy Church, offering the joyful hospitality of our faith. Again, just let Janet know you’d like to be part of this adventure!

Registration now open for April 2018

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