Wesley Urban Ministries

Wesley Urban Ministries

For over 50 years, Wesley Urban Ministries, an outreach ministry of the United Church of Canada, has provided essential programs and services to individuals and families who are marginalized by poverty, language and cultural barriers. Wesley seeks to decrease barriers and increase opportunities for many vulnerable people in our local community.

Carlisle United Church actively supports Wesley Urban Ministries in many programs.

Sunday Dinner Program

Every Sunday, a hot dinner is donated, prepared and served by volunteers from the congregation of a local church at the Wesley Urban Ministries shelter on Ferguson Street. Each church takes a turn and provides one or two dinners per year, to as many as 250 guests.

Carlisle United Church usually volunteers to provide our Sunday dinner on a Sunday in April (not Easter or Mother’s Day). Our traditional meal offering is a great shepherd’s pie from a favourite family recipe (multiplied of course to serve scores of people)! See the Events Calendar for the specific date.

How Can You Help with the Sunday Dinner Program?

  • Many helping hands are needed
  • Volunteers are needed to shop and to recruit other volunteers
  • Volunteers are needed to bake cookies – we need 42 dozen (no nuts please)
  • On the Wednesday before the dinner: 15 volunteers are needed to help with food preparation at the Church
  • On the Saturday before the dinner: 2 volunteers are needed to drive the food to Wesley
  • On the Sunday of the dinner: 18 volunteers are needed to help with food preparation, with serving food to plates and to guests at the tables, and with clean-up
  • To offer your help or for more information, contact Jennifer Trott at 905-659-1464 or the Church office at 905-689-8630.

'No Charge' Christmas Store

Wesley Urban Ministries provides food and gifts during the Christmas season to families and individuals living in poverty, through the unique ‘No Charge' Christmas Store.

In a store-like setting, people choose new gifts for all ages and a wide range of food items, fresh produce and non-perishables. Based on a point system, Wesley’s Christmas Assistance Program offers choice and dignity by valuing individual needs and preferences. A wide variety of ages, faiths and backgrounds access this program.

Carlisle United Church gathers a team of volunteers each year to staff the Christmas Store on one or two days in December. Volunteers organize merchandise and help shoppers to select gifts, toys and clothing. See the Events Calendar for specific dates.

How Can You Help with the 'No Charge' Christmas Store?

  • Volunteer to join the team and help out at the Christmas Store on one or two days in December
  • Donate new gifts and canned food to the Christmas Store, during the Carlisle ‘Cares and Shares’ Christmas Drive
  • Donate directly the Wesley Urban Ministries 'No Charge' Christmas Store (suggested food and gift donation list at xx)

To offer your help or for more information, contact the Church office at 905-689-8630 or [email protected].

‘Case for Kids’ Walk, Run, Ride

In Canada, one out of every six children lives below the poverty line. In Hamilton, that number changes to one out of every four.

‘Case for Kids’ is a major annual fund-raiser in support of Wesley Urban Ministries’ children’s programs. Because the poverty rate for children in the Hamilton area is so high, the $100,000 raised every year by local churches and organizations to support Wesley’s initiatives for children is crucial. With these funds, Wesley runs after-school programs for kids, summer camps, day care programs, tutoring programs and school lunch programs. There are also programs to help teens on the street (coming from unsettled home situations) to find accommodation and jobs so they can live successfully and independently.

‘Case for Kids’ has become a special cause of some individuals and families in the Carlisle United Church congregation. The project inspires family volunteerism and a shared spirit of achievement in support of a good cause.

How Can You Help with 'Case for Kids'?

  • Support members of our congregation when asked for a donation to the ‘Case for Kids’ cause
  • Create a ‘Case for Kids’ challenge for yourself, your family or a team. You can register to walk, run or ride and gather sponsors. You might choose to raise funds through pizza lunches, bake sales, yard work or any activity that inspires you. All groups are invited and encouraged to take part!

For more information on the ‘Case for Kids’ campaign, see http://wum.akaraisin.com/Common/Event/Home.aspx?seid=5389&mid=8

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